Sunday, 5 October 2014

My Beginning of Age 20

okay so shortly, I was turned into 20 years old and no more nineTEEN-agers! time goes by so fast, huh? Monday, September 29 2014 I officially am turned to 20 years young. hehe. so basically, I'm always happy because I can celebrate this day, like, however I want. overreacting, crazy, or else. but, I always want to keep it simple. and actually, I don't really like being teasing during my birthday! cause, it gets worse on this day. and don't forget where the happiness come from too. it's the same birthday as Dani Pedrosa!

Monday, 30 June 2014

How To Make: A Unique Photo Frame

hi, guys! during this holiday, I'm gonna show you another Do-It-Yourself thing, and it's actually my 2nd DIY. yeay. so basically, I have this lots of photos and pictures I got when I took a pic on Photo Box, and they look like, almost like a Polaroid photo paper. basically, I used to just patch them on the glass on cupboard, but since they're 'growing' and if I keep patching them on the glass it will look like a total mess crowd. so then, I saw this frame in a Mall, but it's waaaay too expensive, and I'm thinking why not to make one? just using cardboards and clothes pins or cute pins for decorations you can get in any craft or gift stores. and I make the structure really looks like the expensive one, and it amazingly keeps your money.

and probably you guys just prefer to make the old school photo frame like this square frame with recycle transparant plastic to replace the glass. it's okay cause it's cool too! but I'm thinking to be more creative than that this time. and then it's easy to clean, too! so keep reading this tutorial I hope you guys like it, and please let me know what you think and I'll try finding other easy DIYs for the upcoming holiday or soon. let's continue to see How To Make A Unique Photo Frame.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Student Executive Board: 2nd Year

okay, guys, today I'm gonna share you about another 'part-time-job' in college, yeap, Student Executive Board. it's not that I was addicted to it, but I felt like it's gonna be so empty if I don't have this kind of daily routines about organizations. well, there's event's committees, but I tell you, organization is really different. after a year of organization management, BEM kinda feels like a little family. we don't only talk about jobs, duties, tasks, events we organize, but also lots of things like personals, about college, and everything you can freely talk about it with them, or maybe some of them you feel comfortable to talk to. so, basically, I felt comfortable, but also exhausted at the same time, but it was enjoyable! so I decided to continue this organization to my second year. and here are the stories so far..
this time, I didn't continue my journey with Seni-OR. what is Seni-OR? read the post about it here. I decided to leave, or move, to another place, this time I don't either join a Department, I join a Bureau instead. and there's this new Bureau. if last year it was called AiSI (Administration and Information System), this time it's split as Kestari (Archives) and Media. so then, I choose Media and then I have another interview session. that time, I was interviewed by my friend, Awe, of course you know her, she is as The Head of Media, and Arbi, a senior and Le President of The Board. well, you can't tell that I was nervous that day, because I've known them both well and it was like a regular conversation between us. so, basically I was successfully announced as a... well, not successfully, because I was punk'd at first!!!!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekend Update 9: First Color Run

as you can see it's a freaking long time for me to write another post on blog. haha, even though it's my college holiday, I was just so not in the mood to write them down. and yeah, I confess it, I cheat another post and I write in on the second week of August but I set the time to be May's archive. hehe.
sometimes you are just lazy of touching the laptop cause it reminds you of college tasks... and writers, too, need some mood for the ideas to come out, right?
but during the holiday, I remembered that I haven't posted this one first experience of mine in college. yeap, color run. it was like 1 week before Jambaksos (check the post soon) and 2 weeks before Final Examinations, so that's why least of my friends would like to join this thing. I was doomed, but I put my care on the least that day. anyway, let's just continue this amazing experience I have with my friends on May 25th 2014. yeap, my first color run. Clorine 2014. run around Universitas Indonesia. for charity.

surprisingly and randomly, my friend found this event, named Clorine, it was held by one of my University's Faculty and it was so interesting. of course, some people around the world have experienced this type of running thing. so I asked my mom about this, and she allowed me to join, and with my sister. finally we decided to sign up, me and my 2 friends, Awe and Dina, and I also invited my High School friends who might like this kind of thing, Dityo and Yodi to join the event. after they agreed and signed up, it's time to have some stuffs!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


as you can see from the name this is TOTALLY FANTASTIC! and frankly, this is, like, my first Arsenal's Cup since I'm in love with this club on 2006. yeaah, my dad was also so hyped about it. from the Semi - Final I was tooooo hyped about it. Gosh, really!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

May The 4th Be With You!

hola, fellas! how are you doing?
bet you've missed my posts already. naw, I'm just kidding. well when I'm writing this post is exactly when MotoGP Gran Premio bwin de Espana over. the race was firstly cheesy, but sooner it got boring and as you know how would it end, Marc Marquez won again. and it's like his 4th consecutive triumph. wow, how's that? and maybe some of you guys sports lover may remember this day that there are two big athletes have the same birth-day, like, literally, the same day, same month, same year and they're turning 27th together. they are...

yeap! these two amazing Spanish athletes Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero and Francesc Fabregas Soler have birthday today. but, bad luck for Jorge, he couldn't celebrate his birthday with victory. but, that's fine, he's strong. while Francesc, well, since he left Arsenal, I really don't know how he develops his career back there in Barcelona, in fact, I don't really care about it, cause I could still feel this rage and anger inside accepting the fact that he's no longer Arsenal lovely Captain.
time has changed! what have the done in their 27th year of living on earth? Cesc has a daughter but not married yet, while our proud rider Jorge is still single. well who wants to be his gf? me? of course... nah. but he said that he'd like to be a painter if he wasn't a rider. that, I'd like to be his partner painting! ha!
and about those MotoGP Reviews I haven't written (GP Argentina and GP Jerez) is not in draft yet, means it's not written yet haha. I'm still kinda not in the mood of being hours in front of the laptop. might as well start sleeping a lot now hehe. but anyway, do you like the meme? I like it so much! especially Jorge's selfie :D
for this weekend, I got nothing to be excused why I don't write a post yet. my college life here is kinda un-hectic. but, still lazy though, and I made this perfect match meme for me this week. another Jorge featured.

right! logbook = self-learning notes for college. until the next time! hope to get these MotoGP Reviews released soon, and don't get surprised if you see these two GP 'combined'.
hasta la vista!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Athletes Phenomenon

no long discussion, or opinion. just saying something odd but fun! think these kinds of phenomenon already hit some of athletes and they do it when they celebrate something. like this, which I like the most. just saying my opinion.
hasta la vista!

omg, Dani looks so awkward here haha :'D

and Dani's getting better in this

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Meet and Greet with Dani Pedrosa

on March 1st 2014, I finally got my done dream coming true! MEET DANI PEDROSA, MY FAVE ATHLETE. actually it wasn't only with Dani Pedrosa, but also with Dani Pedrosa's crew and MotoGP Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS! yeap, some of them are like Vice President of HRC Mr. Shuhei Nakamoto, and Team Principal Mr. Livio Suppo. can you imagine that? I met those Sirs?! this is once-in-life-moment! but you must be wondering how the hell could I get this exciting opportunity, eh? I am so freaking happy until today so I can only write this a month after THAT DAY :D so here's the story how I could get this precious meeting...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Weekend Update 8: Meme For This Week

new artworks. but this time to express the craziness of Examination Week! only for Indonesians (or who understands this) why? cause English can't describe this expression better than Indonesia. this week: Periodontology (dentistry)


check out more fun meme!